March 3, 2020

Select IDHS FY21 Budget Highlights

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Dear Stakeholders,


Today Governor Pritzker shared his optimism for Illinois' future. He delivered an inspiring speech, and unveiled a budget proposal for state government in Fiscal Year 2021(July 2020-June 2021). I am writing to share a few IDHS highlights from his proposal, which reflects our values and plans for the coming year:


Select IDHS FY21 Budget Highlights

  • Investment in Community-Based Services –improving wages for 100,000+ front line staff
  • Child Care Assistance Program funding of$69 million to support increase in provider rates
  • $96 million for front line staff serving persons with developmental disabilities
  • $46 million to support wage increase for individual providers serving customers of the Home Services Program

Continued progress on Olmstead Consent Decrees

  • $28.5 million for Ligas annualizations and new placements
  • $8 million additional funding for Comprehensive Services Pilot for Williams and Colbert class members
  • Movement of $10 million from the Department on Aging to support the implementation plan for the Colbert consent decree  

Funding for an additional 100 IDHS caseworkers to ensure residents who need services can get them in a timely manner.


The proposed IDHS budget totals $7.4 billion, a 7.3% increase from FY20, in which IDHS had a total budget of about $6.9 billion. 

You can also view a more detailed slide show summary of the IDHS budget plan on our website.  

Thank you for your partnership and helping us to improve the lives of those we serve across Illinois. 


Grace B. Hou, Secretary



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