March 3, 2020

Call for Investment

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Competitive Pay and Meaningful Days in Chicago Call for Investment

On February 20, 2020, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities voted to release the Competitive Pay and Meaningful Days in Chicago Call for Investment.  A Call for Investment (CFI) is the way the Council asks for proposals for projects that ill help the Council achieve the goals outlined in its 5–Year State Plan.


The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities is eager to support community employment providers in Chicago which are impacted by the City of Chicago’s recent City Council passage of a minimum wage requirement which includes people currently working in sheltered, sub-minimum wage settings. State and federal laws and policies are shifting toward requiring and supporting increased opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to work in their communities and to have meaningful days in the community when not working.


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The specific Performance Target for projects under this investment opportunity is:   


Provider agencies licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services to provide Community Day Services to people with developmental disabilities (providers) inthe city of Chicago who are impacted by Chicago’s recent minimum wage ordinance will:


Implement self-identified programmatic changes to meet the City of Chicago’s Minimum Wage ordinance and intentionally shift services for individuals formerly earning subminimum wages to earn minimum wage or higher in a competitive environment and/or engage in meaningful day activities aligned with their ISP. See page 4 of the CFI for a definition of meaningful day.


Provider agencies in Chicago are specifically invited and encouraged to attend an applicant meeting to hear not only the process for applying for Council funds,but to begin your change process through this opportunity and with support available through this CFI and the Council.


To RSVP and to receive the meeting location, contact Mariel Hamer at by 5 pm, March 11,2020.


The Council wants to see budgets which are cost effective and reasonable to meet the proposed project activities and reach the project’s stated performance target. The Council has a total of $175,000.  Please see the attached CFI for more details!



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