June 2020

4th Annual TEC Conference

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Info About The Event

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The TEC Lab isproud to announce that Amy Fuchs from BridgingApps will be presenting at the4th Annual TEC Conference on June 3, 2020 at NIU in Naperville, IL.  Inher session, InclusiveTech: Apps for Life, attendees will learn how mobiletechnology can enhance and simplify everyday life for people with disabilities.A variety of skills will be addressed including cognitive and socialdevelopment, daily living, and more. The apps highlighted will range from freeto paid versions with subscription fees and will address a range of needs ofthose with cognitive disabilities. Information will be briefly shared on theuse of our app search tool to help attendeesexplore more helpful apps for theirunique situation.

AboutAmy: Amy Fuchs is the Program Coordinator for BridgingApps, a program of EasterSeals Greater Houston. She holds a BA in Psychology and a M.Ed. in EarlyChildhood Special Education from Auburn University; as well as a Texas teachingcertificate. She taught in public elementary schools for 13 years in a varietyof classrooms including resource, co-teach, inclusion, and adaptive behaviorsettings. During her tenure, she had the privilege of working with students ofvarying abilities, including autism, behavior disorders, learning anddevelopmental disabilities, and physical differences. She co-founded anadvocacy group with a speech pathologist in 2016, serving families in theHouston area, with the primary focus on educating and empowering parents to betheir own advocates. As Program Coordinator, she writes blogs for educators,magazine articles for parents, and app reviews on behalf of BridgingApps. Shealso works to educate the community by sharing mobile technology tips toimprove the lives of people with disabilities of all ages, from children beingserved through early intervention to seniors as they age in place and work tomaintain independent lifestyles.

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